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veggie - I've been serious about following IE since the first of March, so I'm right at one month. I was introduced to it several months ago but it took awhile for me to give it a serious try. If you get a chance, read through that thread that carolr provided. We do talk a lot about various resources for information, but I'll be more than glad to pm you and try to give you a consolidated list. Lots of free information online.

I feel like I'm getting better at it every day. I no longer weigh, but today I put on my clothes for church and I could definitely tell a difference since the last time I wore them. They fit much looser. My daughter and SIL spent the night and went to Mass with me, and when we got home I changed into something else. I came down to the kitchen and my daughter looked at me and said "Mom, you HAVE lost weight!" She thought I was still dieting (I'd been low-carbing it in February) and I told her that I stopped that the first of March & was just being careful about what I ate. She said there was a noticeable difference.

Yeah, throw the tomatoes at me, but I feel like I have finally come out of a mental fog. Maybe it's because I eat more now, and my brain isn't starving.
bingefree - no tomato-throwing from this side of the room, believe me!

Your example was SPOT ON.

Ever take the time to look around this forum and see how many people have been here for YEARS and still haven't been successful at taking AND keeping the weight off? There are some wonderful success stories, but they are the minority. Those who have managed to maintain for a significant amount of time have really changed the way they approach their WOE. I think krampus is a great example. There are others as well.

I don't know why, but somehow I found myself one day checking the posts of some of the long-time members who are still struggling with weight. I wanted to see if they'd ever been able to take any weight off.

It runs the gamut. Appears that most of them have taken SOME weight off at some point in time, only to put it back on...and more. Some have never been able to get any significant weight off at all. And if you just kind of go through the posts you'll see that they've tried any number of diets. It's actually very disheartening to me.
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