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veggie- When I say I was working towards not restricting since last Nov., I mean mentally more than anything. I knew that I could never diet again though a part of me still wanted to, and sometimes still does now. Then I remind myself of all the horrible things that dieting causes: constipation, slowed metabolic rate, decreased body temperature, cold hands and feet, hair loss or slowed hair growth rate, mood swings, digestive issues, weight GAIN in the long-term, BINGEING, food obsession, body hatred, and general neuroticism.

Yeah, no, I think I'll just EAT. Eat, and let the chips fall where they may. At least I won't have to live in fear of every day events anymore, schedule my life around food and exercise, or decline invitations with friends. Dark days.

Sounds like I'm bashing diets and exercise pretty hard? You're damn right I am, and won't apologize for it. Not when the epidemic of eating disorders is on the rise and women especially are wasting years of their lives putting an astronomical amount of energy into re-shaping their bodies instead of their minds.

krampus - Those folks carrying 100+ extra pounds, probably, most likely, got that way from dieting for years, and years, and years. I have seen it time and time again on this very board.

Example: Original weight before first diet, 150lbs. Diet: Lose 30lbs. Body's survival mechanisms kick in and binge eating ensues + lowered metabolic rate = 40lb regain. Subject now weighs, 160lbs. Instead of stopping there, returning to normal eating and letting the body adjust back down to 150lbs over time, subject goes on another diet. Starts at 160lbs, loses 20lbs this time - hmmm, body doesn't seem to want to give up as much weight this go around. Now they weigh 140lbs. Bingeing + lowered metabolic rate = 30lbs weight regain putting them at 170lbs...and so on and so on for 30 years.

See what I mean? Dieting yourself FAT. Heck, it happened to my own mother and now she is obese and in metabolic ruin.

The overweight and obese would be better off ignoring calories, and all other inane "experts" and as you said, focusing on eating more whole foods and moving just to feel better in general, but being overweight does not automatically make them unhealthy or unworthy (I know you didn't say that, but that's how society treats them, and that's why most people are here, isn't it?). You're right, in that most people seem to use "lifestyle change" as code for "diet." If it was really just a lifestyle change, they wouldn't care so much about hitting a goal or slashing calories or fitting into a certain size. I don't buy it.

Yeah, throw the tomatoes at me, but I feel like I have finally come out of a mental fog. Maybe it's because I eat more now, and my brain isn't starving.

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