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I hope your wife wasn't offended by you participating here, this forum has been so helpful for you (I think, based on your posts) and your responses on threads has surely helped us.

No one knows my log on name here or that I even go to this site (except my husband but he doesn't read it I don't think). This is my private place to talk about whatever is in my heart about my weightloss and I love having a support system like this that I'd never ever find in my own real life in person, mostly because I am shy, embarrassed and heartbroken about the status of my weight.

And like BillBlueEyes, only a place like this would cheer me on and encourage me and praise me for skipping the Girl Scout cookies or whatever challenge I had at any given time even if it was every single day at 3pm or whatever.

Maybe your wife will think I am a man since I have Elvis in my screenname.

I appreciate all the men's points of view on this forum and am so glad that the 3FC name didn't deter any of you from posting.

And if your wife asks, we aren't a bunch of fat chicks on the prowl for men here.
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