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Staying the Same
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I thought of this thread when I bought Girl Scout cookies at the mall and had 2 Samoas for dessert. I had 2 and decided that was enough for now and I'll have more tomorrow. There are 7 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in the house and a bag of Hint of Lime Tostitos and a bunch of peanut butter and all kinds of carbs and they are not screaming at me, they're just...there.

As far as weighing goes, what if you weigh yourself on a day that you're a bit oversalted, haven't had a good poop, or are just retaining water for no logical reason? Will that undo the sense of relief? I weigh daily but it's just a number and as long as I'm not putting on like, 3+ pounds overnight I don't know that it needs to mean anything. I suppose that is the last bastion of my weird need for control - but since the rest of my lifestyle is pretty healthy and my actual behaviors line up with that. I exercise a normal amount, feed myself when I need it, try not to overindulge in things that will result in physical discomfort or guilt, and rarely say "no" to invitations to do fun things.

bingefree2013 - I agree with you on diets vs lifestyle changes for people who are healthy and somewhat knowledgeable about nutrition, but what about folks who are carrying around 100+ extra pounds and simply don't know how to eat? I would argue that some re-education about nutrition and the introduction of, say, regular physical activity and a "how-to" on the merits of meat and vegetables over piles of frozen mac and cheese offers an opportunity to improve quality of life that they can choose to ignore or choose to consider incorporating into their daily routines. A "lifestyle change" where people simply change what they eat and move in a way that is healthier doesn't necessarily have to result in obsession and restriction/binge problems, though it very often does as evidenced on 3FC.
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