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Originally Posted by McMurphy View Post
A lot of organic foods actually are better for you, in terms of caloric values and amount of added sodium. My organic peanut butter, for example, is around 20 calories less per serving than the regular variety. Plus, it just tastes better. As long as organic food continues to be produced, somebody's going to buy it, so why not me?
The peanut butter thing doesnt really make much sense, unless you were buying pb with added oils. Organic or conventional peanuts and salt (if salted) will have the same nutrition facts. Organic vs nonorganic will have the same nutrition facts, because pesticides and antibiotics dont make a difference when it comes to calories. However, if you go with grassfed/pastured vs conventional you may get different nutrition facts, because their diets are different. Grassfed cattle, especially, are naturally leaner, and that often comes out in the final product.
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