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I would love a thread on this!

After inadvertently losing 5lbs when I first went veggie without any exercise, I became obsessed with losing weight. I starved myself to lose 40lbs, and along with it, lost my period for a year and a half and lost all energy.
As I fought to recover my disordered eating, the tables turned, and I became a binger.

Today, though just beginning, is Day 10 binge free for me.
I'm sick of the loss of control that binging gives me. It's made me gain all the weight I lost plus 10 more pounds (though I did need to gain 15-20 lbs anyway, as I was too skinny).
I'm trying hard to fight it, and as I do, I can sense some of my old ways coming back, like: I have to workout to deserve dinner, the less the better, weighing in more than once a day, etc..

That's not a path I want to walk again. I want to become intuitive and learn how to eat right. I want to be into small portions, and find them satisfying and satiating.

I want to do this, and through it, will lose weight.

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