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veggiedaze - I started practicing intuitive eating at the beginning of March. Like you, I'd had enough of the counting, measuring, and recording. IE seemed the most logical way for me to proceed.

I have about 20 lbs that I'd like to lose, but I may or may not get there. I've accepted that. Since I'm 61 and dieted on and off for a good part of my adult life (except for ages 28-48 where I was a normal weight without trying) I'd just gotten to the point that I decided the yo-yo dieting and driving myself crazy was far worse for me psychologically than being overweight (but not obese).

It's quite liberating, IF you can embrace it.

You are correct when you say that binging is part of the obsessive dieting/restricted eating mentality. They go hand in hand. I believe that once you break free of the need to diet and/or restrict, you will discover that your binging will occur less and less frequently (and be less severe as well).

I wish you luck. Will check back on this thread to see how you are progressing.
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