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Originally Posted by reanbean View Post

Pesticides, Heavy metals (Arsenic, Lead, Mercury & Cadmium), Dioxins, PCBs, and many mycotoxins are KNOWN to accumulate in animal fat. DO NOT EAT PURE ANIMAL FAT! Unless by some rare occurence you are the 1% of the population that has super-human capabilities of "ultra detoxification."

Regulations on the levels of contamination tend to be less strict for what we can feed to animals. This is baaad news, because these toxins build up in the animal's fat stores (ever heard of bioaccumulation. From, oh I dunno, high school biology??). The more animal fat you consume, the more toxic you become.

Adding to this fact, you should know that your body accumulates fat in order to protect the body from the negative effects of these toxins.

ANIMAL FAT= toxicity=weight gain=cancer, heart disease & diabetes

You can eat the meat, but seriously guys... don't poison yourself by eating the fat straight up. You might not notice any ill effects right away, but sure enough... you cannot escape the health effects your entire life.
This is not an issue if your animal products are sourced from farms that raise their animals naturally.
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