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Morning ladies! Bit of a late start this morning- I was watching Harry Potter! Dad's off work today, so now he's underfoot Since he's off, he's also scheduled a couple of maintenance guys to come by, which means... the dog will darn near bark herself to death (and me to deafness). Some of those pitches she hits...ouch! For a little dog she sure is loud.

Ruth- Let us know how the book is? It's on my reading list.

Twynn- Yay new pup! *fingers crossed* Does the rescue work with a specific breed, or all dogs?

Jekel- Of course it was a zoo! It's the DMV. I'm pretty sure that means "zoo" in ancient Egyptian or something. Congrats on passing the test! Do you have more sections to pass, or are you all done and official now? Oh, and good luck meeting the girlfriend!

Karen- Eeep! Don't worry, you didn't fail as a mother, he's just a guy. Their eyes don't work like that

Off to enjoy another.... 24 minutes of quiet, until the first maintenance guy gets here! Have a good (ha, punny!) Friday everybody!
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