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S/C/G: maintaining


Good morning from Bethlehem, PA. Clearly I have in some way failed as a mother since it is questionable as to whether or not my son has used a single cleaning product since moving in last June. Okay, I give him credit that at least the toilet seat and bowl look clean! And he washed his sheets for us the day before we came. But, eek. Don't want to be THAT mom but had to at least wipe the bathroom since and dust the coffee table. Cringe.

Today the boys work on taxes. We'll also see if DS needs anything from Sam's Club while he has us and our card. He's got a trial membership to BJs and we've never been so I'm sure DH will want to peruse the aisles. We do have a bit of extra trunk space going home

Off to read the zombie book my son though I might like...

Enjoy your day, zombies, dirty floors, or otherwise.

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