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I have 6, and I got most of mine when I was bigger - 280 and more. I have three on my arms just above the wrist, a celtic tribal cross on the upper arm/shoulder area, and a celtic knot band below it (though that was done when I was at the end of my big weight loss and I was 190's). Then one on my ankle area. Through my weight changes (up and down) I never noticed a big change, but that's likely due to the areas they were placed; anything really fleshy can cause a big change with dramatic weight changes. So if you are thinking chest, hip, butt, stomach, etc .. You might end up having the appearance change after a weight loss or gain. A friend of mine told me about a friend of theirs that got a butterfly on their butt and they had a dramatic weight change, and it ended up looking shriveled, like a raisin.

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