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Originally Posted by lisa32989 View Post
People are interesting! Obesity is a HUGE health problem in this country. They wouldn't force food on a diabetic but for some reason think they can have an opinion about you (us). Keeping it light/changing the subject works most of the time but I encountered one person at a Christmas party that wouldn't give it up! I almost had to get rude to get her to stop but ignoring her and talking to others instead finally worked.
Keeping it simple/light/deflecting like you did is key!
I am constantly amazed by so many people on this forum who encounter other people that try to sabotage our weight loss efforts. I've been lucky, I've not run into this yet. Good point about the diabetic comparison, Lisa! I have thought that if I run into this, I could tell somebody that I have an allergy and if I eat that food, I will swell up! After all, that is certainly true!
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