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Originally Posted by usmcvet View Post
Good morning. It's cold here today! I'm looking forward to the snow melting!
Good morning everyone,

Back from my 5 day conference (even if I am only home for two days and off again for 3, back one night and away for 4 more days and the cycle begins again).

THe saying There's no place like home is so true!

Well, stayed OP the entire week even if I was the butt of the jokes all week (why is it when someone is trying to be healthier, others find that funny and a challenge to make you cheat or drink... must admit it irritated me more than encouraged me to have a drink or cheat). I even noticed my skinny jeans which were a little loose at beginning of week when I packed them to see if they fit, were very saggy by the end of the week when I finally put them on.

This was also the first time I go there without spending a dime on clothes. I usually buy lots when I am there, but could not justify spending when our sizes change so quickly.

As much as the weight loss is fabulous, the feeling good is so much more important to me. I no longer run to the bathroom 50 times a day, no cramping, high energy etc. This is why I do not cheat.

Congrats to everyone who stayed OP and to all the weight loss. 3FC is a huge part of my success and thanks to everyone.
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