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Hi ladies. Thank you all for the welcome & quick replies! Indeed I have done low-carb, no-carb, ketogenic diets, carb cycling, targeted-keto diets, 1-2 day carb ups... I have manipulated everything I can think of with regard to diet. I lift weights 4x per week and I've done no cardio, daily cardio, fight MMA 6x per week, high-intensity-interval training, 2+ hours cardio per day. I'm talking INSANE amounts of activity on low low calories. Tried it all!

Also during this 3 years, I've rested my body by taking several weeks off training and ramped up my calories slowly to reset my metabolism and make sure I wasn't adrenally exhausted. I maintain my weight at 3000 calories per day. Knowing this, I have decreased to 2500, 2200, 2000, 1800, 1500, 1200, 1000 calories per day with NO losses. Each time I've spent several weeks at each of these calorie levels with no fat loss whatsoever. VERY FRUSTRATING!!

So after 3 years of doing every possible bodybuilding & dieting trick out there with no fat loss, I went to a doc a week ago. Some people with IR or PCOS find it difficult to lose weight... I found it IMPOSSIBLE! I would have settled for slowwww fat loss this entire time if that was occurring--Eating the same 7 foods + greens day in and day out with tons of activity should produce leanness. Not a complete standstill In spite of all my frustration, I feel excellent physically (other than I'm carrying too much bodyfat) and I do believe this will get better Today I took my first dose of Metformin (which I specifically asked for and my doc prescribed until I can see an endo in May to find out why this is occurring). I'm just completely in shock my insulin is 83 when its supposed to be under 17. Almost 5x what its supposed to be!?!
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