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Default Sooo annoyed with the check-out counter

I'm practicing Intuitive Eating, so when I'm hungry I'm supposed to eat. I'm not the best forward planner in the world so today I found myself at the supermarket checkout counter and hungry.

What was there to eat? Chocolate and more chocolate...oh and crisps. Now with IE - I can eat anything I want (but I have to stop when I am full). But I'm avoiding crisps/chips because they are a trigger food for me and it's very hard when eating those to sense when I am truly satisfied and no longer hungry. And as for chocolate... a similar story PLUS I just don't enjoy mass-market choccie that much - and the pure sugar shot would make feel a bit queasy anyway. The healthiest thing there was chewing gum. And I know many peeps are down on the gum because it's believed it promotes hunger.

Governments are all on about obesity, but I hear very little about this pusher's paradise of check-out counter junk. I just wish there had been one somewhat healthy choice.

On the upside, I continued on my journey and found a fruit stall when I got out of the Tube. I got a banana for 20p and was much happier and slightly wealthier!

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