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Welcome Back Reda!! you must have had a GREAT time and oh boy to lay by the pool!!

Hey those lights sound awesome, yes I have seen the LED's for sale and boy are they is so great you got them for a freakin fraction of the price and your DH installed them with an easy switch!

Well this morning we already shoveled / blew the 4" of powdery white crap and much more is to come. I just hope the worst of it holds off til I get home tonight, then I'll deal with shoveling tonight and on my day off tomorrow.

Work is getting SO hard to get through, my patience is GONE. With customers, with co-workers, with my rat b*st*rd of a boss. A co-worker told him that she knew I had to wait 20 minutes on Friday night for the credit card machine to spit out it's batch report (so I could bundle the report with the credit card receipts for the day)

He acknowledged that I don't have to wait for that anymore, that I can leave it and the girl in the morning can take care of the slips..but not a word about my 1/3 of an hour that will not get paid You must all be sick of my rants against him I hope Karma takes care of him in this life or another! My only revenge is to make people's sandwiches with a ton of meat and cheese, to know that would make him freak.

I've gone FIVE DAYS without a cookie or pastry from work!! Haven't done that since early February. Hope I can keep it up And trying to do a different FitnessBlender workout each day to challenge myself. AND keep off the scale for as long as I can! Actually going to ask DH to hide the scale in the house (or outside) because it just crushes me to not see quick results. I can certainly use my tight jeans (again with the ) as a guide.

Hi Tammy, Colleen, Dawn and Aaron
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