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The Quejos are absolutely delicious... especially toasted! I don't see the tropical ones listed on the site but they have pineapple and some other fruit.. forgot what.. baked into them. I love them with freshly ground almond butter on them!! I also am not usually a big fan of jalapeno but these are actually my favorite Quejos!

Ah if you click on the order page the Tropical Treat ones are listed to order. And I just read on their "Story" page that they do not have sugar. Ah I found it says they contain "dried fruit, pineapple juice, coconut milk and lots of carrots."

From their site: Quejos basic ingredients: "manioc powder, water, parmesan and cheddar cheese, egg white, evaporated milk, non-gmo non-hydrogenated canola oil, butter, salt"

Not a chemical or artificial ingredient to be found!!

Hungry, here is the description.

A photo

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