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High Jerseygyrl. I have been reading alot of the posts that you have done and I appreciate your sincere honesty. I am 55 and remember doing atkins back in the 70's when I wasn't even fat and losing a lot of weight. since then I have battled with an addiction to sugar. Anytime I am lonely angry bitter happy, I turn to sugar. I had a lap band put on but I just ate around it and never lost weight. I was hurting at the portol so my doctor removed it. I am now on atkins again since Feb 13 and I lost a lot of weight the first two weeks but nothing since then. I am peeing on sticks and they turn purple at night, but from what I read that could be because of fat I am eating. I have a lot of questions and would love to converse with you about them. I am going to buy the 72 book and see if they answer my questions. I felt like a lone ranger doing this all alone, so I feel better today knowing someone like you has been successful and really kept it off. I have to lose at least 100 pounds from my starting weight, which seems impossible. But I don't feel like I am deprived or on a diet, I am not hungry like I used to just think about eating all the time and was stuffing food in my mouth but it didn't satisfy me. So even though I am not losing weight, I don't want to eat bad cause then I know I will just be hungry. Thanks for the encouragement. Janie275, thats what i used to weigh before lap band.
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