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Holly, I like the boots!!!! I have started reusing some of my out of season boots for riding... DH calls them my hooker boots... Lol. I think they look hawt tho!! And if my body can't be hawt... Why not at least have not boots??? Well I fell off WW stress eating over Florida.... The final verdict... I will stay in Arkansas. I couldn't pull off the move now. Maybe one day....

So, tomorrow I am starting WW over...

Today was 75 and sunny!!!! Too bad I had to work.... Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny. I can't wait to ride. Now Monday maybe snowing... Gotta live it here.

Holly, I can't believe it's close to your summer job time... That's a good thing tho.

Read, I can't wait to see the bags!! And I know I will regret not taking the job in FL... But my job here has awesome benefits.

So.... Just an idea... I think we should try to plan to meet in person somewhere centrally... Next year... Maybe early spring??? What do y'all think? Or maybe late fall???

Colleen, Dawn, Aaron... How are y'all??
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