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Morning Girls !!!! Was OP yesterday ( congrats to myself ), I'm just taking it one day at a time and thankful for each night that I can go to bed and know that I did good "that" day...

Susie - I had that awful mess in Dec, so I know what you are going thru...dh never did get thankfully, but I slept and stayed in the spare bedroom...didn't want to get him sck...I know each day you will feel a bit better...but it was like a month before I ended up completely rid of it since it ended up turning into bronchitus. Hugs to you

Food 3/13
breakfast - fiber bar -140
lunch - Subway roast chicken with ff honey mustard - 360, baked chips -140
snack - smart popcorn - 190
dinner - homemade frittata with farm fresh eggs ( mmmm ) - 350 and an english muffin - 120 , with one T butter - 100
snack - granny smith apple - 95 ,,, 5 cherry choc M&M's - 50
total for day - 1545

Have a great day everyone !!!

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