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Originally Posted by DJ72 View Post
My question....I am not a big dairy eater as I am lactose intolerant and really don't miss it. Okay...maybe cheese and greek yogurt. I don't really care to eat grains at breakfast but will if I have to.
I really am not minding this diet at all. Maybe more interested at bringing back some restricted or No No AVOCADO! Should I follow phase three by the book for a bit and then change it up to how I want it?
Thanks in advance. Oh....I finally had a 3 lb weight loss this week and I am now where I wanted to be for my holiday at the end of the month! Thinking I should start my phase off too! I will be restarting phase one when I return to lose the remainder of my weight.
Remember that Phase 3 is JUST a big breakfast, with lunch and dinner exactly like Phase 2. That goes on for 2 weeks, then in maintenance you can choose to continue to use Phase 3 breakfasts and follow the lunch and dinner guidelines. At that point it's about maintaining food balance so you don't regain the weight, and that looks different in calories and food choices for everyone. The restrictions don't come off the veggies until Phase 4/maintenance.

One thing to mention is that avocado is not considered a veggie, it is treated as a fat because of the nutritional content. Same thing with nuts. Beans/legumes are also not considered veggies but carbs. It's a lot to take in!!

If you're not a big dairy/milk person, there are other ways to get the dairy in! I use greek yogurt a LOT, and almond milk in most of my breakfast recipes.

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