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Your post broke my heart...

You are worthy of love, and no number on a scale can dictate your style and worth.

I weigh 311.. (at least till weigh in on friday)... and I wish i could put into words or explain confidence and how to find it. In my younger days (and at the weight i am now) I performed with a drag group as a gogo girl (think drag queen that is biologically a female NOT A STRIPPER)... I know i got critisim and not everyone accepted my place on that stage. But i did it for girls like you... I wanted to send that message that size and beauty are not dependant on one another. That at a size 24 i was just as sexy and worthy as the size 6 performers... I routinely banked more money than them during my numbers. I would pick songs that would scream of confidence rather than sexuality... and because of that, because of the message i was sending i developed a following- girls that wanted that confidence and learned from my example.. LOL i still get recognized and i havent performed for 3 years...

I wish you could have been there, i wish i could show you how to love yourself... Because you are one of a kind, and amazing and worth so much more than you give yourself...
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