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You might want to consider just moving directly to P3 and spending the full amount of time available to you there. I've read here that this is the approach Wuv has adopted, and that there are many other clinics now adopting this approach too. As I understand it, the original phase out time on P2 was needed when we used to stop P1 and move on to P2 when we'd reached 80-90% of our weight goal. During P2 you're still in ketosis, and most people still lose weight. In P3 you incorporate a breakfast that includes grains, fruit, fat, and dairy and the higher carb content moves you out of ketosis. The rest of the day is the same as in P2. IP protocol changed a few months ago and now recommends that dieters stay on P1 until we've reached our desired goal weight. So there's less need for P2 as an interim step to continue the weight loss. There are many posters who've been through this who post on the Maintainers thread... If you haven't already done so, I'd check in there and ask for their input. They've experienced it firsthand, and have useful experience with the phasing out stages. Here's a link to the current Maintainers thread:

I've uploaded a few attachments that should be helpful. I'm not 100% sure though that they are the latest version, but they'll still be useful. I've done the majority of my dieting here on alternatives sans-coach, and these are documents that I've copied from time to time from this site to have available for reference.
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