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Originally Posted by elvislover324 View Post
Maybe it's because I finally got my head out of the bowl of pasta, the bowl of white rice and the bowl of mashed potatoes and realized there is healthier food out there! I do believe there was some negative news recently and that got my attention, that quinoa crops were too expensive for the poor people to eat anymore due to it's recent popularity. Actually I think the story was linked here in a 3FC thread.
Although it is a different topic entirely, I read that article and it has received a lot of criticism for presenting false information. There are some other articles out there though that talk about the changing climate in impoverished areas that are now being built up economically due to popularity of quinoa and as a result, local people are able to afford other foods that they couldn't afford previously. There is also concern because quinoa is a global crop now and Canada produces a large amount of it and many of the US imports are from Canada. So although areas that are becoming economically stable due to quinoa crops are having to also compete with other countries that didn't grow quinoa until recently.
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