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It is what it is...
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Morning Ladies …I had an OP day yesterday till about 8:10pm and then sort of had a minor freak out….these early OP days for me are a struggle…I don’t really get into a solid pattern until about two-three weeks…so it’s gonna be hard …poor dh, he wants to make me happy but still doesn’t want me eating crap…he walks a fine line , lol ….

Anyone watch Hells Kitchen last night, it just started last night, was a two hour show…I had to dvr the second one so I don’t know who left yet, will watch it tonight. Looks to be a good season.

Alyssa – four kids !!!! Yikes…you are busy I bet. I came from a home of four kids and it was great…I love having so many siblings…but I don’t have any kids so maybe that messed me up – just kidding.
We were having pretty good weather here but last night it started snowing and it has been doing it all morning…temp was 28 on my way to work, brrrrrrr, I’m sick of cold weather that’s for sure…sick of wearing a bulky coat to drive in.
No, I didn’t make it to watch biggest loser since I just caught up on some other things…that is another show I’m gonna catch up on tonight …so excited for them all though…wonder if it will come on again in the Fall this year?
And Alyssa, I got to tell you, and this is no joke….last year I was losing a steady 2 lbs every week without exercising…then I started doing zumba classes twice a week and didn’t lose a single pound in over a month and a half….why this happened I don’t know, but that is the only thing I changed…as soon as I stopped exercising I started losing again….now I know that exercise is what’s best for us, but I’m just sharing my story – because it does happen.

Dee – good to hear from you again. No, I didn’t join WW …I figure why pay someone for something I can do on my own …at least once I get my head in the right place.

Victoria – well almost another OP day yesterday – hope we both have one today !! And I don’t blame you about not walking outside due to the dog…better safe than sorry.

Susie – hope you are feeling a little better.

Food 3/12
Breakfast: cereal and lactose free milk – 330
Lunch: ½ baja chili salad from Wendys and starbucks green tea – 470
Snack – handful of goldfish – 90, pce of chocolate – 65, popcorn – 120
Dinner – chicken in low carb tortillas – 390
And then I started snacking:
Toast with butter – 230
5 tortilla chips – 70
Poptarts – 400
Trail Mix – 300
*** yeah I told you my day ended badly
*** total for day – 2465 …boo ….it is what it is ….

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