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Originally Posted by Irene87 View Post
anyone have a good recipe for a vege soup????

I found this online from Steven from Finland....Hope this is from 2011

If you have a hard time eating all your vegetables, or you just want a much bigger portion of your soup without watering it down, try adding roasted vegetables to your Ideal Protein soups and blending it up in a blender for a ridiculously thick and tasty meal.

1. Get a small bag of frozen brocolli and a small bag of frozen cauliflower and microwave until partially thawed. (will speed up cooking time in oven)

2. Place on baking sheet lined with baking paper.

3. Drizzle or spray with Olive Oil and spice to taste.

(I use Mild Jalepeno Tabasco, sea salt, & 5 pepper for the brocolli and use original tabasco, sea salt, and hot indian chili powder on the cauliflower)

4. Bake at 225 C (approx 425 F) until cooked. (about 10-15 min. Should be lightly toasted). Take out of oven.

5. Add 10 to 16 oz hot (not boiling) water to a blender.

6. Add in your choice of Ideal Protein soup (Chicken is my favourite. Leek and Musroom also go great with this.)

7. Blend (being careful that the water is not so hot that the steam will build up and burn you!) Turn off blender.

8. Add in your vegetables and smash down so they will blend. Blend until creamy. (If it gets "stuck", turn off and smash down again.)

If too thick, add more hot water until the right consistency.

9. I usually microwave the final soup for about 45 seconds to get it piping hot if needed.

I like my soup very thick like pea soup. This makes at least two big bowlfuls and microwaves beautifully if you want to put in a container to take to work... super easy to take with and is hearty enough to not slurp down in 2 minutes. :-)

I usually make 2 batches at the same time. One to eat immediately and one for lunch the next day. I just use bigger bags of vegetables. If making a double batch, you can mix 2 different kinds of soups, but I recommend making each separately, then mixing together so as not to overwork your blender.

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