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Hi Girls, nice to b back after my last crazy-busy 2 weeks All the rain we had got into our underground telephone line & my computer-line connection keeps dropping

Susie get well soon, U r in my prayers! The worst is over now, but U will b loosing a few pounds while U r on RX & have soothing drinks & U get to catch-up reading & take naps while on bed-rest {bonuses}

Carri, I'm happy for U being OP those days take lots of thought. I hope your work contest is helful to U being back on track. Did U join WW while its still free membership? I like their online recipe site.

Victoria U r not alone w your food war. It's like last weekend on our 1 hr drive home, my dh got off the highway exit to eat @ Kentucky Fried chicken. He ordered a chicken meal & I sat & drank ice tea while he ate; & then I had him drive me to Subway a mile away & I got a 6" flatbread sandwich & I ate it while he drove us home. I could've ate @ KFC but it would've been high in cals, salty, etc. nomatter what was on the menu. Sooo we gotta make 'Choices'. I was on Weight Watchers once & they talked about eating what U want, but make it Healthier & about banking points, [cals] for days U needed more food & portion control/eat just 1 serving size or 1/2 serving size; well I decided to put those steps into my daily life & I'm doing pretty freaking good w staying in my size 10 for years now.... Miranda is back wearing her size 8, mommy of my 2 yr old grandbabe & 3 kids & instead of making a 'key-lime pie', she makes a 'yogurt key-lime pie' etc. & uses my healthy lo-fat/lo-carb recipes for her family & they love the food.... Anyways b happy w yourself for taking daily steps to b healthy again & becoming a role-model for your family. Make your weekly menu healthy & keep your snacks in eye-sight to keep U from straying & eating a no-no food. Maybe try WW, they r advertising a join for free right now; even if U can only go to a couple of meetings its a good start, instead of procrastinating. Please don't b mad @ me for talking so much, I just want to support U & encourage U. If U mess-up w 1 meal, just get back on track w the next meal.

Hey, 'The Taste' ends tonight & I'm cheering for team 'Malarkey' 'Wife Swap' will b hilarious tonight The blog I read was right about Sean & they'll have beautiful babies & I teared-up after she said 'I love U' & followed him & he said nothing back I cried when she spoke w Sean's dad & she teared-up & again during Sean's proposal. Like they said a very 'emotional' 3 hr finale. Soo cool like Carri said about him & DWTS announced today.

I gotta go do some work now, take care
Thank you for your Prayers PLease share a funny video Dee. "I'm a Gummy Bear" song from the Gummy Bear movie. Also a Minnions video clip that makes you LOL !

I have a Grandma brain
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