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Morning Ladies ...had an OP day yesterday and was really proud of myself
And the Bachelor shocked me !!!! I so thought he was going to choose my fave but it didn't happen ...but the one he ended up with ( not saying in case I spoil for anyone ) is great, they seem SO happy together ...I just read that Sean has signed up for DWTS now I might watch it this season, lol

Susie - so sorry to hear you are sick, I have had strep before and I know it is awful, take care sweetie and post when you can.

Victoria - don't be was hard for me to come on here after Christmas and say I had gained 26lbs ...from 198 to 224 ....and I felt like you too...but you can turn it around, you KNOW you can have faced it and now you move on !!!!

Food 3/11
breakfast - fiber one bar 140
lunch - kfc chicken bites - 200...sauce - 35, starbucks green tea - 65
snack - smart pop popcorn - 120, pce of choc - 65
dinner - bagel bites - 410
snack - Glucerna choc healthy shake for diabetics - 180 ...wont be doing this again as I read on the back and it has artificial sweetener in it of course
total for day 1215 - way under, will be more on it tonight

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