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As one of those people who lost a considerable amount of weight only to regain most of it back, this has been a very interesting thread to read. I was definitely embarassed about people seeing my weight going up and down (well, really down and up! lol!) and that is part of what I am having to work through this time as I lose it again. And there is certainly fear that I could lose my way and regain again. But I'm hoping that sticking with 3fc and planning out strategies to prevent that from happening will contribute to making this the time that I finally succeed in sticking with this all the way through the losing process and into maintenance (where I know there will be new challenges to face, of course!)

In my case, I didn't really have anyone in real life who was losing at the same time as me. And I think I'm glad in a way - it would just be one more unknown variable to handle. Whether they succeeded when I failed or vice versa, I would have to deal with it. So in a selfish way, I'm sort of glad that I'm doing this alone, at least as far as real life. I definitely couldn't do it alone with the support on 3fc!!
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