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Healthy faves- Hummus with carrots, cukes, or celery. (I haven't had this in a long time, I think I need to make some hummus again!!)
Cottage cheese with black pepper and very few dashes of hot sauce with some crackers, carrots or celery. Pretzels are good too.
Plain greek yogurt with some fruit and honey or maple syrup.
Sliced fresh apples with some cinnamon and sweetener then topped with a slice of cheddar then microwaved (or baked but microwave is faster, lol) until cheese is just melted. The mix of apple and cheddar hits the sweet and salty spot!
Chunk light tuna with some cracked pepper olive oil mayo, celery and hard boiled egg is good. Have this with all kinds of crackers.
Last one is tuna with lemon pepper seasoning mixed with 1-2 tsp olive oil and 1 oz cheese then microwaved. (Great with pasta if wanting to make it into a meal or whatever.)

Fave junk- Oh jeez, if it's spicy and/or salty, chances are I like/love it. Hot cheetos were and are my #1 favorite. (UN?)Forunately my GERD/severe acid reflux prevents me from snacking on that and any of my old spicy faves.

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