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Ideal Protein Diet
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I want to thank everyone who contributed to this thread. I just ordered 12 bars using the "Mixbar,Hero" combined discount and saved almost $7. I am hoping that they will prove to be a cost and weight-loss effective alternative to the IP bars.

I was especially interested in these bars because they are made with Stevia. I have serious concerns about artificial sweeteners, including sucralose/Splenda used in many IP foods. For this reason, I purchased only bars in the All Natural Line. (Too bad, though, because that chocolate chip cookie dough bar looks sooo good. Though I share concerns with those who fear it may trigger a binge.)

I just wanted to point out that all but the banana nut muffin bar is also sweetened with Erythritol. Dr. Mercola has some concerns, though at least based on what he has written here, they don't raise a lot of alarm bells for me, certainly not compared to sucralose and aspartame:

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