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Hi Everyone. A lot of sunshine in Ohio today. It felt so nice to see it and I hear there is more on the way with temps in the 60's on Sunday...but some rain coming that night. I'll get out and enjoy it as long as it is there.

DH and I are doing some house cleaning tonight. We are having dinner with some friends tomorrow night and we want to make a stop at JC Penny's to get DH a new shirt and tie for Easter. He only wears his suit to church on Easter and Christmas and then to weddings. Other Sunday's he just wears a dress shirt and dress slacks. I ordered a Easter dress that I found in a magazine that I liked. I sure hope it looks good on--it did on the model!

Carri: Thanks for the recommendation on the tortillas; I will look for them.
I saw on your menu that you had parmesan couscous...did you make it? I love couscous but usually only eat it "out".

Alyssa: You are doing very well and getting very close to your goal. Keep focused, you can do it! Enjoy your walks outside.

Victoria: Come on can get your head on straight....I know you can

Dee: So good to "see" you. I loved reading about your time with the grandbabies. That 2yr old sounds very sweet. I know you will enjoy your time with him. I bet he will keep you on your toes!

So at my weigh-in I had a .75 lb gain. BUT I had a 17 lb loss for the year last year..even with all my ups and downs. I didn't realize it totaled that. to get off here and get some more cleaning done.
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