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That's a great idea, Tracy. I might have to invest in a kettlebell and try to get some strength in my upper body. I think I do enough walking around to be considered as exercising! lol

The weather is starting to warm up slightly. It's sunny today .... I don't know where the sun has been most of the week. The clocks go ahead tomorrow night. Spring is in the air ... at least for the next few days.
I feel like I've got a new fire under my feet. I want to achieve my goal and be able to showcase the new me while I'm out gardening. I would love all my neighbours to notice the weight loss. Right now everyone is in hibernation mode and wearing thick jackets.
I also think that I may want to tone up certain areas of my body. It may do some good considering the weight I've lost. Some areas could be toned up and not look so flabby. I think I will start hitting the gym when I achieve my goal.

Anyways.. I'm not sure what I'm doing and what's going on but, I'll take it!!
I dropped another pound overnight!
I've been trying to eat all my proper exchanges but I have been faltering slightly. I don't want to play with fire so I think I have to be really good today!
There is a confession I have to make though. I think my scale might need new batteries. I stepped on as usual and noticed my weight was 143.0. I couldn't believe that I lost one pound so I stepped on again. This time it said 144.0. I don't know what to make of it.
I think I'll take the 143.0 because it's lighting the fire under my feet!

Current weight: 143.0
Goal weight; 140.0
3.0 lbs to go!

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