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HI Sfandra!
It's nice to have someone new to share experiences with.
Congratulations on your weight loss. That's fantastic. I'm glad you got over your plateau and sorry for the snow!
I'm glad we're actually going to be spared... for a change!
I will definitely look into the Burpees. It would be nice to incorporate some exercise into my routine... although I don't know when I will fit it in! lol
Seriously though, I've been losing the weight and the only exercise I'm getting is from housework and constant errands! I also get a lot from gardening and can't wait for spring to finally make its appearance.
My DH enrolled the whole family into the local 'Y' and he's the only one who seems to make it there. I feel bad and know that I should go because he is paying for it but I can't seem to make the time. Also, I'm afraid I'll start putting on muscle and won't lose the weight on the scale. I want to reach at least 140.0 bs before I start to exercise formally.
What do you think about that? Do you think that I could tone up and not gain too much muscle?

@Tracy: One day at a time is the best plan. That's what finally got me back on track. Once I saw the numbers coming down I was even more excited and remembered why I liked LAWL in the first place. Before I knew it, I lost 25 lbs.
I had to go through all that again recently. Now I'm pumped that the weight is coming off and it's keeping me motivated!
BTW, what are your thoughts about exercise?

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