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I'm really super excited!!!
I dropped another pound over night! At this rate, I'll definitely make my goal by mid April. In fact, I may have to reassess the goal again at that point.
I was finding it difficult to lose the last five pounds... I would lose some and gain some back and on and on. It was getting frustrating. Hopefully I'm on the right path and will achieve it without much effort.

I'm truly shocked that I even lost weight. I was eating really well all day and then had some errands to run that took my into dinner time. I ended up picking up fish and chips for the family... nice fried food. Also, I ate one vegetable samosa... another nice fried food! I drank four glasses of water throughout the day at least (I'm having a hard time to get back into the groove of drinking water again... I hardly touched the stuff while away) I try to flavour it when I can but I've run out of crystal light packets

@Tracy: I'm glad that you found a drink to satisfy you for the times you need it. Sometimes we need that extra help.
I hope you are able to eat more protein soon. I'm not dissing WW but I KNOW LAWL works and works fast. I want you back on it and, as you stated yourself, you were losing on it until you got sick.
You know, I've not had much of an appetite lately but I am making myself eat what I need to. I don't feel like eating now but I'm going to because I know I will lose weight if I eat! And it's working... lol

I really like your story of the calculator! It made me laugh. I've seen people with these and I seriously thought that they were some sort of spy ... especially when they keep looking over their shoulders! I had no idea it was a gadget from WW!!!! lol
That just made my day. In fact, I'm going grocery shopping later and I'll be on the lookout for one of them.

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