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Hi everyone. Still kinda crazy here. I had my surgery about 2 weeks ago. Im doing good. I do have to say it has been harder then I expected but I am finaly getting to the point that I can move around & get out more. Ive been going stir crazy here in the apt but everytime I go out & get home I am just wiped. But then I guess living on the 3rd floor & dealing with those stairs have a lot to do with that. I dont see the Dr till the 25th. Next week BF & I have another funeral to go to in Atlanta. This time we will be sharing a hotel room with 1 of his EX wives & her sister. 1 of BF other EX wife did my taxes for me. She does his every yr I asked if she could do mine too since this was my 1st yr being divorced & being able to claim DS yet. She did great, she got me back more then I expected. Spent it already. Paid off 2 credit cards, 1/2 of another & used the remaining for a down payment on a 2007 Jeep. I am very happy/excited cuz all during my marriage my EX made me feel like what I made & my credit was crap so everything we go was cuz of him. All new cards & loans were in his name. I guess that might have helped me as nothing was put in my name other then what was in my name before we got married. I talked to the bank guy & I actually qualified for more then what I was asking which is nice to know. I still have the stress of DS but I am trying to stay quite but I do keep checking his account to make sure they do not over draft. I can tell by looking at it they both have a lot to learn. More her cuz he takes out a large sum for him but I see what she takes out & Im not sure why she spending what she is but I gotta keep qite & just let DS know when it gets down low so he can tell her not to spend any more till next check.
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