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Great job! It is amazing how much water weight we put on when we have to eat out on vacations.

I never had any use for WW until the 1-2-3 Success (first points program) came along in the late 90s. I did really well, but they started changing things up, and now it is just too complicated. On 1-2-3, and a few programs that came later, you could take a simple cardboard slide rule gadget with fat, fiber and calories on it to the store to figure out the points in prepared foods and frozen dinners. On the new Points Plus program, you have to buy this $16 calculator and enter protein, carbs and fat grams for each thing. You look like a corporate spy running up and down the aisles with that thing! Not to mention that the slide rules were "free" with your membership and you had to pay for the calculators. It sounds silly from someone who is overweight, but I didn't like having to focus on every aspect of my food that much.

I loved LAWL and lost weight on it like crazy (red and purple plans) at the center. I tell people I didn't quit LAWL, they quit me! I was doing pretty well on it this time around until I got that stomach flu, and since then have been trying to get back to eating a lot of protein. I am not quite there yet, which is why I'm following my old WW plan for a little while longer. I am back to going to the gym, which had also been tough because I was tired and weak for a couple of weeks.

I tell myself that every positive thing I do is a step in the right direction, even if I'm not perfect. I am through with the "I ate something I shouldn't have so I will blow my diet for the next three days" mentality.

Now, it is time to eat a healthy breakfast!

Last tip---I tried the Pink Lemonade Special K Protein Water packets in my blender bottle and really like it. It has 30 calories, but no sugar, and has five grams each of protein and fiber. It really helps when I need "something" but it is not time to eat yet. I use it with 20 oz of water and some ice in my blender bottle and it has just the right amount of tartness. On WW, the fiber content makes it a points-free food.
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