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I got this
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It does taste different from beef. Sometimes I cheat and add a cube or two of beef flavored bouillon (sp?.) Not sure how I can describe the flavor, lol. The only tip I have is not to smash/break it up too much while cooking if you are making tacos. The ground beef stays in little chunks even when broken up while the ground turkey can easily break up in very little pieces which I personally don't like, sort of grainy-mouthfeel to it.

Same goes for pasta although it works best as very small teaspoon-sized meatballs (cook them first to get most of the fat out) then add to sauce.

I have made stroganoff pasta with ground turkey before and it was good, even when I forgot to add a cube or two of beef-flavored bouillons.

I also have made it in a shepherd's pie type but with some turkey gravy added and it was pretty good.

I have yet to try it in soups but I'd imagine I would use the same method for pasta, the teaspoon-sized meatballs.

Hope you like it!! If you don't like one thing, try again with another!
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