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For what it's worth: I had my first gall bladder attack when I was pregnant. (presumed, because they couldn't really test due to the baby being in the way). There wasn't much to be done except diet modification, until the baby was born. I didn't have another until about a year later, and they started occurring more often. At that time I was told that once you develop gall stones, you will always develop them. You may not have another attack - that happens when stones blocks the duct leading to the pancreas - or attacks may be frequent. I was advised to have surgery. I am very afraid of surgeries, but decided to go ahead, rather than risk more attacks and/or the worse alternative - pancreatitis. I had laparoscopic surgery - 4 tiny (less than .5 inch) incisions in an outpatient procedure. I went into the OR at 9:15 am Friday and was home sitting on my couch at 12:25 pm the same day. I had no pain that day, minimal discomfort the day after and went to work Monday. Have felt great ever since, and I currently follow a paleo-ish diet = I have grains every once in a while.
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