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@Tracy; You are the best role model just simply by the fact that you will post daily.

I believe that we have to be accountable for our own actions. LAWL taught me this. I have been in the habit of weighing myself daily ever since I started the program years ago. It has become second nature to me and I always kept a mental note of it ... it kept me on my toes and got me to notice that the numbers were heading in a direction that I did not want to go to again.

I am so grateful to have found this site and fellow LAWL'ers (is that even a word?). You guys know what I'm going through and can offer suggestions to help get to the goal faster. After all, we all went to the counselling sessions and the things we learned are stored somewhere in our mind. lol

Sorry... I don't know much about WW. My friend is on it and goes back from time to time. It's some old plan she's on and she says she knows what to do... she just needs to do it. I saw her after a very long time recently and she lost all the weight and looks fantastic!

I've only ever used the LAWL approach. It made sense to me from the beginning and I eagerly joined. I lost so much weight but never learned to stabilize or maintain it. Unfortunately I gained back a lot of weight....

I'm so pumped. I'm super motivated. I can't believe it!
I did exactly what I said I would do yesterday. Except I only had three glasses of water instead of four. The result???? Are you ready???

I dropped 2.5 lbs overnight!!!!!
That is simply unheard of for me!! I think that my body was ready to get rid of the weight I put on during the holidays.
What a way to get motivated and jump fully on that bandwagon!

New weight: 145.0
Goal weight: 140.0

5.0 lbs to go to reach my goal!

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