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Anagram, congratulations on the new home and getting through the sale of the old one.


Arabella, I'm with ye on stress begone ... and sleeping in. I need to sleep tonight at least, need to regroup.

Wsw, thinking of you.

Lol, day dragged out into a stress fest and I realized it was somewhat in the category of borrowed stress as I took on a role in someone's life I didn't need to take for a while. Yet all will be well on that front and at any rate THERE IS NO REASON FOR ME TO OVEREAT BECAUSE OF THIS BORROWED STRESS.

Or. Any. Stress.

Why do I think overeating is going to make better? It never does, never has, always muddies the water, makes thing worse.

Bah, Stress Eating Demons, we shun them.

SO, done eating for the day and here be the tally and I am going to BED (lol to read):

Queen’s Royal Good Caloric Level Streakity Streak, Round 2
Day 1, Tuesday, March 5, 1600
Day 2, Wednesday, March 6, TBD

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