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Happy, Happy Birthday, wsw!!!!60 is but another number but a milestone to celebrate for sure. Hope the tech difficulties give you a day off today.

Nice to be greeted by Empress in the morning and read her inspirational posties.

And, Arabella, we are once again in a similar situation - I too stopped weighing, counting, THINKING during a busy and emotional year and am once again above the dreaded 200 - both in pounds and cholesterol. Nine months ago I was (finally) below the number in both and feeling like I may yet make a significant loss.'
'HA, Ha - I should know my self destructive self better than that.

However, the same time has been one of significant change in other areas and I am encouraged by that. I am now in a new home - one story - where heavy snow and yard work are taken care of. Much better for overall health for me.

Last week, settled on sale of old home. Lots of work, lots of memories, lots of emotion. But now, behind me.

So time to resettle into what has worked before - at least for holding. First to get the med numbers back in shape. Back on prednisone (for some tech diff) and that makes it a wee harder to fight the fluffies but nonetheless, I've had a few good days.

Looking forward to inspiration and progress.
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