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As for Moi, Queen of My Queendom, Empress of My Empire, CEO of My Realm, I am totally off of any idea of changing my weigh-in to Wednesday, looks like a busy week ahead. My weigh-in days are important to me as weight management and fitness remain a priority no matter how hard I have to work at it sometimes.

I have been busy today making some vital decisions and can't sleep at the moment but will get there.

Had my high day of the week but going for Round Two of my calorie level challenge:

Queen’s Royal Caloric Level Streakity Streak
Day 1, Wednesday, February 27, 1530
Day 2, 1560
Day 3, 1540
Day 4, 1510
Day 5, 1590
Day 6, 2655

Queen’s Royal Caloric Level Streakity Streak, Round 2
Day 1, Tuesday, March 5, TBD

Thinking of all our faithful royals whither soever they wander in their journey.

Good night, all.

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