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Idleness. Idleness. Welcome to Am2's LaLa Land, 2013.

Wondering if here in the wee personal Queendom of ME, I should yet again amend the quest a bit to shake up the Empress/Queen Am2 data gatherers and give them something to do.

We here in our queendom are questing on the trail of wheatlessness each and every day as well as doing the funky streakity streak in the Realm of Low Caloriedom.

SHOULD we start weighing in for a while on Wednesday and call it a holiday known as Wheatless Wednesday?

Maybe not.


Queen’s Royal Caloric Level Streakity Streak
Day 1, Wednesday, February 27, 1530
Day 2, 1560
Day 3, 1540
Day 4, 1510
Day 5, 1590
Day 6, TBD

Probaby not.

Likely not.

We'll think about it.


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