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I've been waiting for the OP to answer, but I guess she isn't checking the thread often.

Here is the nutrition information for the shake program I'm on:

It is safe to consume 800 calories per day on my plan because you are closely monitored. We meet with a nurse every week and monthly you get your bloodwork done and meet with a doctor. I have been doing the strict 800-calorie plan for 3 weeks now and I feel fine. I don't feel hungry, but some people do, so they have extra food. You can eat as much of the food that is "on plan" as you want with HMR.

When I go out, I usually make sure I'm not hungry and then I sit and have a diet soda. This diet requires a lot of willpower when you go out, but the results are worth it. I lost 3 lbs the 1st week and 4 lbs the second week. This was not water weight because I was dieting doing HMR food 2 meals a day before I started. The bigger you start, the more you lose each week, too, and since I started at 205, my weight loss isn't as much as someone who starts at 300+. The average weight lost on my program is 60 lbs, but many people lose over a hundred. I've been told by some people that this was the alternative to weigh loss surgery given to them by their doctor.

As far as exercise, I do something at least 4 time a week and usually 5 times a week. I walk/hike, play roller hockey, or do classes at the gym like Zumba, Step, UJam, ect. I'm also training to do a 5K actually. I hiked 4 miles in 1:09 with hills this morning!

I know the nurse & doctor visit are covered by some health insurance. I have an HSA so I use the account for that and it's around $200-$250 a month. The only thing I pay out of pocket for is the food, which is about $100 a week. But that is the only food you are eating, so it's actually cheaper than what I used to spend eating in a normal week!

If you have other questions, just let me know
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