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Originally Posted by WebRover View Post
I thought the sheet has only cider vinegar and white vinegar--no balsamic vinegar.

I do like the oil and vinegar well mixed which drizzling separately onto a salad doesn't accomplish. I like raw grated garlic in my dressing and I think that does need to be refrigerated. I think I could use your idea and mix the garlic with the vinegar. Then I could mix some of the mixture with oil just before adding to the salad. Then I wouldn't have to grate the garlic for each salad.

I don't use balsamic. Either white or cider. I like them both, and there's a nice difference, along with adding other seasonings/garlic/minced onion, etc... I hate eating the same dressing day after day. I have an immersion mixer and it works really well to emulsify (I think that's the right word) the oil into the vinegar. Mostly, it's much quicker to just sprinkle my oil right onto the salad then pour the vinegar mixture over it.

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