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I would recommend HMR. It is what worked for me. It might depend on where you live but if you could go in person there is this plan called "decision free" where you only eat their food. You are medically monitored and you take supplements (and some is in the food). That was perfect for me because I could be sure of my calories. I hate to cook. And I could be sure I wasn't hurting myself.

I found the HMR food great and you could make different things with it.

The decision free made you go to a real class (not like weight watchers) where they took it seriously and every 1/2 week you would call in with your coach.

I lost the weight fast and I was not hungry. There is something about their high volume low calorie food and just eating their food that really helped me not engage in the usual cheating behaviors. I lost 60 lbs.
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