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Originally Posted by ladylunk View Post
Lately I have been getting overly anxious when going to Starbucks for my treat. I order a decafe americano with a sugar free syrup. Well the last two times the guy making the coffee was so unreliable and did not announce my coffee as either decafe or sugar free. I had to question him he said they were, but I am so used to the sweetner taste now that I can't tell if it actually is. I have my husband check and have to depend on him. It happened again yesterday and I would be so upset if I got sugar syrup instead of sugar free. If I was going to cheat it would be on something much better. Don't like depending on others to stay true. Can you tell I have not eaten out yet since starting this diet? Today I feel hungry, had a growling stomach earlier than my lunch is supposed to be and it again makes me think of that darn coffee syrup. I am sure I am overreacting, but just wanted to vent about it. Ooops and now while typing this I have burnt my roasted cabbage. Extra crispy today!

Lots of IPers sweeten black coffee with an EAS vanilla shake (or chocolate for a mocha effect.) My husband, son, and I go to Starbucks every Saturday and get a treat. Mine has become a plain black coffee, and I add part of an EAS shake to it that I bring, plus top it off with some cinnamon at the Starbucks store and sometimes nutmeg. Occassionally I tell them to add a touch of FF or 2% milk as we are allowed 1oz of milk on IP with our coffee. I am in maintenance, and this is still how I prefer to drink my coffee, with an EAS shake. If you really are concerned about the barista getting the order correct, you can always bring your own SF syrup to sweeten it. Early on in IP, I started bringing my own salad dressings (made with olive oil), spices, and coffee sweetener (EAS shake) when I go out to meals so I wouldn't have to worry about mistakes like you are concerned about.

eta: I've never used IP's RTD vanilla, only the dry drink packets, but it may work just as well as EAS. Maybe someone can chime in and let you know how it works. EAS is fairly cheap by comparison but you may be doing only IP products, so I wanted to mention it.

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