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Originally Posted by KorinneJB View Post
I'm a newbie...but am on board 100% with the IP Diet. I've also managed to have my husband see the error of his ways...and he's along for the ride as well. We only started on Thursday so yes, we are very much newbies, however....we're both in the correct frame of mind and going strong.

I made a chart for us to update each Thursday with our weights and measurments....needless to say neither one of us is happy with our Starting Weight....but am sure we'll be loving life once we see all of our hard work has paid off.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!
Welcome!! It's so nice having Hubby along for the will make it so much easier!! My Hubby is also along for the ride! Be warned lose at a faster rate...grrr!!

Used the Protithin Choc Chip Sweet Roll to make a big cookie for breakfast this morning.....can't remember who posted the recipe (2 tsp Coconut Oil, 1 tsp baking powder, 1 or 2 packets of splenda and enough egg white to make it into a cookie consistency......put on parchment paper and flatten....bake at 350 for 7 min)....BUT THANK YOU WHO DID!!!!! Hubby made one also and LOVED it too!! We will be making these again FOR SURE!!

I had to substitute Olive oil today because I have yet to find coconut oil (and need "refined" as I dislike coconut lol). Can anyone tell me where to get a good brand either online or locally (Scorbett???). I did a "search" here AND on Google but I want to make sure I get the right stuff!! TIA!

Scale is FINALLY moving in the direction I want it to!! Down 3 this week after 4 weeks of 1ish per week!! Whew!! Perhaps it's the Fiber pills I started taking last week?? Who knows!!

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!!
wk 1 -7, wk 2 -3, wk 3 -1.5, wk4 -3, wk 5 -1.5, wk 6 -3,
wk 7 -1, wk 8 -2, wk 9 -2, wk 10 -1.5, wk 11 -1.5, wk 12 -1, wk 13 +1 (day after Thanksgiving ), wk 14 -2, wk 15 0, wk 16 -1

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