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Originally Posted by Gonna really try View Post
So, today, at the same time I would have have my appointment tomorrow, i stood on the scale (new one I got yesteerday) with the clothes i wear every week and i have not lost a thing in TWO weeks. Last week we blamed it on TOM. Wednesday i came down with a cold but that can't be the reason. I did lose 3inches last week, of course won't know about inches until tomorrow. I have stuck to the protocal to the T, even over doing the water. Not even a taste of my son's birthday cake or a sip of wine at a card club get together. I cannot continue to pay $100 a week and stay platued.
First, if you lost 3 INCHES, you were NOT PLATEAUED. We need to get away from only using the scale to measure our losses. We can be losing FAT and not losing weight on the scale (scale doesn't just measure fat loss, it measure overall weight).

And second, yes, the cold CAN be a cause. Inflammation is water weight. A cold causes inflammation.

Lastly, with the relatively small amount of weight you have to lose, your losses are going to be smaller. So little things like TOM or a cold will affect the scale. A true stall or plateau would be no change in scale OR measurements. You had a THREE INCH reduction last week. Congratulations!

This plan works. Trust it.
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